Hyderabadi Thali Set Meal

Till 31 August 2017

 Bengali Thali Set


Featuring decadent flavours of Hyderabad, indulge in a repertoire of savoury soup, tender kebab, classic main course and sweet desserts at just S$58++ per set. Highlights include Mutton Paya Soup (traditional lamb trotters soup enhance with a mix of spices), Siya Mirch Murgh (grilled chicken morsels steeped in black pepper, yoghurt, ginger and coriander marinade), Bhune Gosht (pan-fried mutton cooked with cloves, cashew and brown onion gravy) and Hyderabadi Dum Murgh Biryani (fragrant basmati rice with chicken morsels, flavoured with Hyderabadi spices and pounded chillies). Vegetarian menu is also available.

Enjoy succulent Deccani Prawns Kebab (grilled tiger prawns marinated with black pepper, yoghurt and yellow chilli powder) at an additional S$10++ with every set.

For reservations, click on “Reserve a Table” or call +65 6733 8333. 

July Sunday Brunch

July Sunday Brunch

 Tandoor Sunday Brunch


We believe that Sundays are meant for indulgence and that is why our team of talented chefs at Tandoor has prepared a feast fit for a king. Enjoy a generous spread of flavoursome curries, savoury kebabs and delightful desserts at S$48++ per person.

For reservations, click on “Reserve a table” or call +65 6733 8333.