The Team

Tandoor’s kitchen comprises of 6 chefs. They all hail from India and some have worked in London and Germany. They are all passionate about their jobs and are sensitive to the most minute detail in food preparation, striving to deliver excellence in every dish they make.

Uttam Singh, Sous Chef
Chef Uttam specialises in making kebabs and Indian breads from the tandoor, and has over 33 years of culinary experience in kitchens all over the world, including the Taj Palace in Delhi.

His years of experience has taught him to master the tandoor, starting from the marination of meats to the preparation of dough. He is able to cook kebabs and breads in the tandoor with just the right timing, texture and temperature, creating succulent meats and delicious breads.

Ramjan Ali, Sous Chef
Chef Ramjan specialises in curries, and he has a great understanding of the nuances of the myriad of spices that are so critical in the preparation of Indian curries.

Before he moved to Singapore to join Tandoor, he started his career in India’s hotel industry. There, he learned about the intricacies of cooking curries in the traditional dum.

Chef Ramjan hails from Hyderabad, India, an area known for its meat curries, lamb curries and briyani.

Balvir Singh Khatat, Junior Sous Chef
Balvir is from Uttaranchal in the Northern part of India. He started his culinary career in 1993 and specialises in kebabs and curry, utilising both the grill and the tandoor. He is innovative and enjoys the creative process of creating new dishes and giving diners the opportunity to experience a variety of taste and flavours.

Raj Bharti, Junior Sous Chef
Raj is a curry specialist, and has over 8 years of kitchen experience from different parts of India. He believes in constantly improving his skills and recipes, and he has a particular interest in cooking tasty but healthy dishes. Hailing from Delhi, Raj has 2 brothers who are also chefs, one in India and the other in Germany.

Idrish Ali Khan, Junior Sous Chef
Idrish started his cooking career in 1986 and comes from West Bengal, a region known for its fish and meat curries. He puts his heart and soul into every dish he prepares, and is especially particular about how his sauces turn out.

Venus Daran, Chef De Partie
Venus is the youngest of the team with over 7 years of experience. Growing up in Malaysia, he was inspired by his uncle, a caterer for Indian weddings and functions. At Tandoor, he assists in the marination of kebabs and making of Indian breads. He loves the challenge of working in a team in the kitchen, and the opportunity to learn from the other chefs.